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How to produce acid rain? | Education

How to produce acid rain? Acid rain is a result of air pollution

Acid rain is a result of air pollution. Combustion of coal, oil and gasoline, releases smoke that contains gases, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. These gases rise into the atmosphere where they dissolve in water droplets and produce diluted acid. These acids then the land fall along with the rain.
Acid rain affects the plants, animals and buildings. Its effects are more deeply in the vicinity of cities and industrial areas. Can the wind blow and the fall at distances of several thousand kilometers from the place of origin.
For example, most of the acid rain in Canada is the result of smoke from factories and power stations in the United States. Although the effects of acid rain quite obvious, no one knows for sure how they arise.
Prevention occurrence of acid rain
Most gases that create acid rain probably comes from power plants and factories and exhaust from motor vehicles. These acid gases can be reduced by using those types of coal and oil, which contain little sulfur, and waste gas treatment chemical waste water treatment plants before discharges from factory chimneys and power plants. The cars can be incorporated catalysts that reduce the harmful effects of automobile exhaust gases. But all these methods are costly, and there are governments and companies that avoid the money to spend. long run, only by careful use of energy, cleaner plants and reducing the number of motor vehicles will reduce air pollution Acid rain kills fish and damages or destroys trees in North America and Europe. damage crops, and even the water we drink.

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