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How to manage money planned? | Finance

How to manage money planned? The problem most people is not that they do not have enough money, but you do not know how to rationally use money that they have

The problem of most people is not that they do not have enough money, but you do not know how to rationally use money that they have. Although it appears that income determine the way in which money managers, and the most modest salary can be managed differently. Proper money management is one of the most important shapes using their own money. no real organization of money you have, it will be difficult to have success in the disposal of their own money. should be wise and try to take advantage of the smartest money you really have.
Maybe we can not change your financial situation ,
but we can change personal attitude toward money. Tips for planning and money management is usually reduced to the following rules: •
keep some kind of house bill
• Create a plan for a budget that will really suit your needs
• learn to spend wisely
• do not run for profit at any cost
• If you must borrow money, lend to the right place
• ensure against theft, fire, disease and accidents
• Teach children responsible attitude towards money
• try to earn some money from their skills
• buy only cash, avoid credit card
• keep records about the spent money
• Be prepared for unexpected costs
• Invest wisely and save your money! Today is very important to know the financial system to make it easier for you to dispose of his money, which is not an example in Croatia, where many people do not know the difference between gross and net wages, and especially how it works capital markets and financial system.
why it is important to educate themselves or have a personal financial advisor who will make a financial plan that will suit your ambitions, goals and desires.

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