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How to get back to work after maternity leave? | Careers

How to get back to work after maternity leave? One of the biggest challenges for new mothers to return to work and deal with business commitments after maternity leave

One of the biggest challenges for new mothers to return to work and deal with business commitments after maternity leave. Many women, namely the fear that they will not have enough courage and bravery after returning to work, and tortured them, and how will the impact of motherhood reflected in the professional part of their lives.
Experts say that the first week of the hardest adjustments, but to keep young mothers after giving birth they want to return to work should not lose contact with their colleagues. Here are a few tips to help restore to work.
Start with the middle of the week
Ask the employer if it is possible to start work on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Monday. In fact, if you come to work mid-week, after only three working days will be the weekend before, this time will pass quickly, and will gather confidence for next week. faster and easier for you to adapt the old / new commitments.
Expect a flurry of emotions and hormones Outrage
Even those women who work and career was in the first place before going on maternity leave, will hardly be able to concentrate only on the job when they know them at home waiting for a child. However, it is common. Specifically, it takes some time to Try to give my best work and be more effective. Do not forget that you will only perform tasks thoroughly to leave enough time for fun with your child. It is equally important that mothers feel satisfaction because they have a career and a relationship to the child a lot better.
According to research at the University of California: The children will be much more successful in school and will cope better in society if the mother is with them spent at least the first year after birth. However, a longer delay in return to work no better for the babies, because babies whose mothers returned to work two or three years after childbirth much better, just the timing of return to work has the greatest role. Full-time instead of part-time work or staying at home can be the cause of later behavioral problems in children. But the success and behavior of youngsters, according to research, and financial impact on the family structure.
Babies whose mothers are single or have a low income, mothers return does not experience too much stress, because just getting back to work and receive wages reduces stress in the family throughout the community. In contrast, babies who live with both parents, and mothers return to work for three years after their birth are more likely to develop behavioral problems.

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