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How to establish an association? | Careers

How to establish an association? Association has any form of free and voluntary association of physical, ie

The Association to any form of free and voluntary association of physical, or legal persons. These people, for the protection of their interests or for the protection of human rights and freedom, and humanitarian, informational, cultural, national, pro-natalist, educational , social, vocational, sporting, technical, medical, scientific and other beliefs and goals, and with no intention of making profit, subject to the rule governing the organization and operation of an umbrella organization.
If youve been thinking of establishing the association, Here youll find all necessary information for it! Before starting the association to think carefully about whether you are prepared for the job, because the conduct of the association is not as simple as it may seem.
If you actually know and decide which will be addressed your association, it is time to find other members. Specifically, the association must have at least three founders set to choose the name of the association and make the statute.
for the establishment of the association shall require at least three founders. founders can be a business capable of natural persons or legal osobe.Osnivańći associations may be nationals and foreigners without any restrictions. association may be established only by natural persons, legal persons only, or the founders may be natural or legal person at a time. It is necessary that the total number of founders is at least three But, of course, they can be and more. to recommend is that when the founders of the association number is reduced to a reasonable level for purely practical reasons - for example, for ease of completing the required forms, simpler decision-making procedures, etc. -. Required Documentation:
The request for the establishment must submit the following documents:
first record of the work and decisions of the Constituent Assembly,
second decision to initiate the procedure for registration of associations - because the organization can operate without registering -
3 statute in two copies - one remains in the collection of documents kept by the registration body, and one certified and returned to the association -, list of founders
4 - form lists the founders bought in stores Official Gazette -,
5th names of persons authorized to represent,
6 excerpt from the court registry or other legal entity founders of the association,
7th consent or approval of the competent government authority to carry out certain activities, when prescribed by a special law condition for registration and a copy
8th ID founders and persons authorized to represent.
The statute must highlight the name and address of the association, advocacy association, objectives, activities to achieve the objectives, membership, rights and obligations of members, and bodies, their composition, selection, recall, powers, decision making and Term. Observe the statutes of some other organizations on the Internet because the statutes are often quite similar, the only difference is in the objectives and activities of the association.
The Founding Assembly of the association must be registered with the competent government authority. There you can ask for documentation to be registered because it is known to change from year to year.
thirty days after registration, your association will be entered in the Register of Associations. When you get your solution, it is time to create the seal. For this you need a copy of the certificate of registry association and copies of statutes page where your description of the seal. After the seal, a request is sent to the Central Bureau of Statistics as they may need to specify the registration number.
Once you get the registration number, its time to open a business account with whatever bank you want. When opening the bank account is necessary to visualize the solution of the registration act and the Central Bureau of Statistics. not Remember that all associations must send the form to the Finance Ministry RNO-P, which can be found on the Internet.
Remember that all associations must submit a financial report to the State Audit Office at least the first three years. If you are an accountant, it is best to It left a bookkeeping service for your association may have a big problem if all accounts are not matched.
any questions please read the Law on Associations, which can be found on the website of the Official Gazette, and you can also contact the Government Office for NGOs .

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