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How to use TV as computer monitor? | Audio Video

How to use TV as computer monitor? Much time I spent watching my 32 TV and thought, why I could not connect your computer to the TV and play my favorite PC games on the big screen? I figured that would be thus saved a ton money to buy such a large monitor, right? I thought, if I can watch TV on your PC using the Dec 2008 video, why could not play games with your PC to your TV? |
I watched the TV

Much of the time I spent watching my 32 TV and thought, why I could not connect your computer to the TV and play my favorite PC games on the big screen? I figured that would be thus saved a ton of money to buy such a large monitor, is not it? I thought, if I can watch TV on your PC using the Dec 2008 video, why could not play games with your PC to your TV? |
watched Im in TV. This can be done, but there are several limitations that, ultimately, prove that you can not make it worthwhile to waste time. Ill explain later in the article. 01Prepoznajte your TV connection. Most TVs these days have three basic types inputa.Imate coaxial cable input, as well as cable or satellite box, RCA composite input - yellow, red and white input - S-video connector. Newer televisions might have Component Video, DVI, VGA and HDMI inputs, but those mentioned above are more common. 02Identificirajte your computer output. These days computer manufacturers add a compatible TV output on your products so it is quite possible that on your computer you already have a built-in TV output connection. S-video connector seems best, I therefore believe that it is just that you need. stores with S-video cable has more on the Internet. newer multimedia computers will probably have all the high definition outputs to connect directly to an HDTV, but for now well deal with what most people have on your computer and the TV. 03Pronađite appropriate adapter for your relationship. You may be required to connect the computer to the TV. If you have an HDTV, you may need a component cable for VGA. This VGA to Component cable connects the PC with HDTV and acts as an inverter. Home - The computer can be both Mac and PC, PC to TV connection has a VGA adapter on one end, and - usually - the selection of connectors at the other end, S-video, RCA composite and component -. This makes it good because you can connect the TV with a TV and youll be able to connect your PC to the TV all at once. I personally recommend a wireless adapter. It costs a bit higher, but wireless is not a big mess, using a wireless connection do not have to keep your computer near the TV. 04Povezivanje computer to the TV. If you have a TV compatible output on your computer, such as S-video port, then you just take the S-Video cable and connect it to your computer and television. If not, then you definitely need a VGA to S-video cable or component cable for VGA.VGA attach the adapter to the end of your computer and use the RCA, S-video or component video cable to connect to the TV. Once you have made all connections , make sure you include the correct TV video input. Press the input on your TV and wait until the signal from your computer. 05Kako connect computer to TV?
Now we come to the part where it might disappoint some When connecting your computer to your TV. Your TV has the PAL video signal. This signal is different from the signal generated by a computer. Computers use signals measured in pixels: 320x200, 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 or 1600x1200.Većina TV can only get about 500 lines of resolution, which is in the computer as 500 vertical pixels. Video Amplifier television can not handle higher resolutions. So, as a factor in these facts, you can get a maximum resolution of 640x480.
This is not the worst thing in the world, Even so, because when you connect your computer to your TV you can play games and watch videos at lower resolutions with no problem. It is only proof that your TV you will never give the quality of resolution that will provide you monitor your računala.azite to some computers with TV adapter that their manufacturers claim they can provide more than 640x480 resolution, so they only reduce the quality of the original TV signal.
You can get a VGA to component cable for HDTV, which will give higher resolution but you have to buy an HDTV and adapter, which usually costs 2 to 3 times longer than a standard PC with a TV adapter. Any way you choose, it is not difficult to implement it into practice, just follow the instructions that I have stated.

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