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How fast moving sound? | Audio Video

In the fast moving sound? Whenever there is a sound, an object somewhere flashing

Whenever there is a sound, flashing an object somewhere. Sound is always caused some flickering objects. But the sound has to move through something. It is something that takes the sound from its source to the one who hears it. This is called a mediator or medium. mediator can be everything - air, water, objects, and even soil. Indians prislanjali ear to the ground to hear a distant noise.
When no media, no sound. When you create an air-free space or vacuum, sound does not pass through it. This happens because the sound moves in waves. items that cause flicker flicker neighboring molecules or particles of matter. Each particle is transferred to the movement of neighboring particles, and that is how the sound waves. Since
to brokers who can transmit the sound may be different from the timber through the air to water, sound waves will obviously move at different speeds. Therefore, when we ask that the speed of sound varies, we must ask what is moving.
Number oscillations, which makes the material in one second is called frequency, f label, and unit of measurement Hz - hertz -.
speed of sound in air is about 343 meters per second - 1325 kilometers per hour - at a temperature of zero degrees. On increase in temperature and humidity increases the speed of sound.
Sound moves much faster through water than through air. through water whose temperature is slightly above 7 degrees of sound is moving at a speed of around 1,500 meters per second, or over 5000 kilometers per hour. Through the sound of steel moving at speeds of 17 850 kilometers per hour!
can you imagine that the stronger the sound moves faster than sound weak, but this is not true. the speed of sound is not affected even his height. speed of sound depends the middle through which the sound passes

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