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What is the first recorded sound? | Audio Video

Since the first recorded sound? Sound was first recorded by Thomas Edison 1877

The sound was first recorded by Thomas Edison 1877th year. First device with which it had done the roller handle is turned. Make it there on the conical tube, like a trumpet, at whose inner end was attached as a cover and an elastic membrane needle.
sound waves as they enter the wider end of the pipe run at the narrow end of the membrane, the membrane was transferred to the movement of the needle.
Stones was covered with a thin tin foil on top of which evolved Needle . Using the system of transmission and gears, turning the handle gently run it along with a trumpet attached along the needle roller. In this way, as moving the roller, the needle was through him the rules in the form of spiral grooves.
When someone is singing or speaking in trumpet, the needle has different rules notches on drum: further pins down the rule is a deeper notch, and vice versa. This is a distinct notch depth picture of sound waves which are caused by the one who sings and speaks in trumpet. It is, Behold, the first sound recordings.
In order to reproduce the recorded sound, horn and needle were returned to the starting position, ie the beginning of the notches on the foil. running gear, the needle is moved by notches and caused oscillation or vibration of the elastic membrane in the trumpet. As a result, the and powered air horn and made the same sound that was recorded at the beginning of the procedure.

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