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How to record on tape? | Audio Video

As recorded on magnetic tape? Since 1877

since 1877., When Thomas Alva Edison first recorded sound, there have been numerous training in this area that it is almost impossible to enumerate all the. Technique sound recording and playback, especially todays progressing very quickly, and we all benefits from it.
recording on magnetic tape, however, is one of the greatest successes in this field. Many do not know, however, that this type of recording and playing an important role in recording LPs. When LPs are produced, namely , the original sound is received by one or more microphones. sound is then recorded on a special type of tape called a magnetic tape.
In this procedure changes the sound into electrical signals in a special way to produce particles in the magnetization of the tape. When the tape was later put into operation, these bits namagnetizirani generate appropriate electrical signals which are then converted into sound.
tape used in the production of vinyl records because it can be cut and re-assembled and combined, so that the parts of it can ejaculate, and a new place and insert instead of the old.
sound from tapes sent to the device that engrave or notch the notch in a smooth pulley. Use it to roll right motherboard, which are later used to create, ie, a press plate. In the process of engraving notches in some of the material from which the right panel apply pressure and heat of water vapor.
So the tape is used in making plates. But, as you know, the tape can be used as final product recorded sound. the tape we just play music. Improvement of magnetic tape is a very long process. Initially used for this purpose wire coils, and later the band made out of solid metal, but the results were not the best.
When the Allies liberated Germany, at the end of World War II, found in local radio stations is very good quality tape recorder, whose tapes were made of plastic material. Further rapid progress in this area it was secured.
Due it is sound recorded on the tape magnetization fraction of the surface of the tape, he can play thousands of times and that when this does not increase noise or the sound quality deteriorates. Likewise, the sound can be deleted from the tape demagnetization, and then the the same tape can record again!

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