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How does a transistor? | Electrical Engineering

How does a transistor? Transistor is a semiconductor that is used to amplify electrical signals, as an electronic switch, voltage stabilization, signal modulation, etc

Transistor is a semiconductor that is used to amplify electrical signals, as an electronic switch, voltage stabilization, signal modulation, etc. The invention of the transistor was published in 1948. Year, and was given credit for the discovery of the American physicist William Bradford Shockley-in, and has since been used in almost every electronic part in many important and interesting ways, types of hearing aids for hearing-impaired, in aviation, walkie - talkie radio, cars, computers, etc. They are made of semiconductors, germanium or silicon material the lower guide electrical current from metals such as copper. | semiconductor advantage is that electricity can nostiti both positive and negative carriers.
The mode transistors are divided into two main groups, bipolar and unipolar.
bipolar transistors are of P and N type semiconductors, which are alternately folded so that it can perform two types of bipolar transistors. These are the PNP and NPN, this means that between two semiconductors of one type ejects a second semiconductor types.
transistor has three electrodes, the base - B -, broadcasters - E - and collectors - C -. Each of them can be P or N type semiconductor. base is always the mean of electrodes, the emitter out that the base makes the PN junction biased in the direction of permeable or inverse direction. Regardless of what type of transistors involved, PNP or NPN type, both perform the same function. only difference is in connecting an external voltage and the type of electric carriers. current. PNP type transistors in the main carriers al. the current cavity, and NPN type transistors are electrons.
transistor means is a means to increase power, actually a kind of control valve. Assume that the transistors in your car radio into a tiny electrical signal arrives from certain radio stations. through the action of a small signal as it is received, the transistor radio receiver allows a greater quantity of electricity to pass from his battery to the speaker. Therefore, the transistor has received less and turn it into a larger amount of electricity is the result of a stronger signal to the speaker. Today transistors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the smallest size that made the molecule.

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