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How do neon signs? | Electrical Engineering

How do neon signs? Can you imagine a modern city without neon lighting? Way lighting and neon advertising has become so popular that he won the whole world

Can you imagine a modern city without neon lighting? Way lighting and neon advertising has become so popular that he won the whole world. What is a neon light?
Neon is a gas. In 65 000 parts of air to one part of the neon. But , although it occurs in such small quantities, neon is obtained from the air and used for commercial electric lighting.
In 1898. Villie Remsy and Travers MB, English chemist, distilled the liquid air and at that time found that left A small amount of air. They call it neon, which means nov.Neon a gas without color, taste and smell. belongs. internal gases. as helium and other heavier gases, neon is not connected with any other element and is found only in free form. Neon is not toxic. Harmless is a gas, although it can cause suffocation if it displaces oxygen from the lungs.
Neon bulb containing the gas, through which passes an electric current. When the current, which consists of electrons in motion, passes through the neon, the electrons collide with atoms of gas and a portion of its energy transferred to them.
Normally, the electrons orbiting an atomic nucleus. However, when a collision occurs, some of these electrons are ejected from their the usual path. For atoms with such electrons are said to be disturbed in the awakened state.
After a short time awakened the atoms lose their excess energy and return to normal. Whenever this happens, it creates a small amount of light .
This light is reddish-orange. Like any other red light, it penetrates through the dense fog and atmosphere much easier than any other color. If we add a small amount of mercury, we get a light color. When combined with neon rare gas such as helium and argon, we get light commercials in all possible colors.
addition to the above application for charging Illuminated advertisements are filled with a neon lasers. He-Ne mixture was used in the first laser, and now has relatively large application. Used for high-performance indicators, and sometimes as a coolant instead of expensive helium.

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