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How an electric light bulb gives? | Electrical Engineering

How an electric light bulb gives? Year 1800

year 1800. Englishman Humphry Davy performed the experiments with electricity. He used an electric battery, but it was pretty weak. Davy was performed on the battery connection strings, and the open ends of the wire is attached by a piece of coal. When he then touching the two ends of a little coal and disassembled them, appeared to be light.
This phenomenon, called the arc, was the first evidence that the electric light as possible. Also, Davy instead of two pieces of coal put a thin wire of platinum, and he connected the two ends of the wires leading to the battery. When an electric current passed through them, the wires should be warmed up and began to glow and thus giving light.
However, this simple first light had one disadvantage: insufficient source of electricity. Therefore, the student Davy Michael Faraday joined the new trials were successful and led to the creation of electric generators. Using steam engines to run generators, people in this way get better sources of electricity.
Meanwhile, in the United States, Thomas Alva Edison experimented with thin carbon fibers. When carbon fiber is heated due to the passage of electric current through it - it was lit up. When it seemed in the air, coal would be burned. It is therefore Edison put the fiber in a glass pear shaped ball and pumped the air out of it. Since the glass ball was no oxygen, carbon could not burn. Just clear the lights out, using a very slow pace. It is produced by an electric lamp, which gave a very good light .
Scientists, however, know that the more light gets stronger if the fiber is heated. Therefore, they began to look for material that could be heated to high temperatures, and that is not the same.
One such material is tantalum, sjajnobijela metals which are melted at a temperature of about 2850 degrees. However, at the beginning no one managed to extract tungsten - hardly soluble, hard metal - the wire, so the last years and years until this process is not perfected. Today the tungsten is in the billions of light bulbs that are produced in the world.

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