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How is electricity used? | Electrical Engineering

How is electricity used? Today we can hardly imagine life without electricity

Today, almost can not even imagine life without electricity. However, people began to use electricity only since 1800.. That year, namely, Alessandro Volta discovered the first battery, and so gave the worlds first permanent source of electricity. Soon discovered that electric current can be used to produce heat, light, etc.
Voltino discovery was a major step forward. It has allowed the use of many technical papers that were not applicable to previously known devices for producing electricity.
Sir Humphry Davy found that an electric current breaks down the various components in space. These experiments have developed procedures that enable low-cost production of aluminum, pure copper, chlorine, various acids, mineral fertilizers and special steels.
Subsequently it was discovered that using an electric current can make magnets. coils of wire through which electrical current acts as namagnetizirana bar. This finding was later allowed the production of various devices to electric drive.
Still later, Michael Faraday has found a way to induce the opposite phenomenon - produced by the electric field and current by moving a magnet. This resulted in the construction of electric dynamos.
As you can see, people began to use electricity for practical purposes until recently. However, new discoveries and training in this industry do not stop.

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