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How to generate static electricity? | Electrical Engineering

How to generate static electricity? Static electricity is a kind of electricity as opposed to electricity at rest

Static electricity is a kind of electricity as opposed to electricity at rest. It is defined as an electrical charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of the material. If you rub a glass rod with silk and bar ye finely cut pieces of dry paper, these will jump on the bar and stick up for her. It happens when a piece of plastic rubbing fur, or if you rub a balloon in a blanket and leaning closer to him.
What is happening with the glass with plastics? In physics it is said that are the two materials namagnetizirala. This is called static electricity.
static means at rest, a static electrical charge creates idle. electricity that travels through the wire is electricity in motion. He therefore called an electric current or dynamic electricity.
positively charged protons and negatively charged constituent electrons to neutralize each other. Therefore, only the glass is electrically neutral.
Under normal conditions, atoms in a piece of glass with an equal number of protons and electrons. However, when glass is rubbed with a piece of silk fabric, some of its electrons are ejected. In this case, the glass has more protons than electrons. In other words, the glass has an excess positive electrifying. This positive electrifying equal to the sum of static electricity in excess of protons.
If you rub the fur, plastics are adversely naelektrizira, because she gets electrons. plastic piece then has more electrons than protons. All substances are made up of tiny particles called atoms. Each atom form a still smaller particles, some of which are electrified, and this or positively or negatively. particles with positive charges are called protons, while those with negative electrons.
Greek philosopher and mathematician Thales of Miletus, who lived around 600 BC, the first observed occurrence of static electricity. He was, in fact, rubbing amber with a piece of woolen cloth, found that amber attracts light objects, but he could not explain why this is happening. One type of static electricity is very interesting - lightning.
Clouds become negatively charged when the ice crystals in they rub on each other. Meanwhile on the ground, all the positive charge - the electrons in the clouds bounce electrons in the country -. clouds become so highly charged electrons to skip to the cloud to the ground. This causes a huge spark in the sky, or the occurrence of lightning.

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