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How to develop photos? | Photo and Camera

How to develop photos? The human eye actually works as a camera

The human eye actually works as a camera. When you look around you, your eye photographed images as you see them. Lens of the eye acts just like the lens of the camera. The retina acts like film in a camera.
light affects the eye area sensitive retina. In light camera operates on a specially prepared sensitive surface of the film. When the light would not have had such an effect on certain chemically prepared substances, photography would not have been possible. What
this action?
simply under the influence of light silver nitrate turns black. Most procedures in photography depends on the activity and how it will be seen immediately.
first problem is to focus the light-sensitive material film. This is achieved by using lenses of photographic apparatus, which collects and refracts light to create images. lens is actually a light funnel, through which the light focuses on the film.
when rapid opening and closing the hole on the camera, the light goes and falls the film. When this happens, the film chemical reaction occurs. Specifically, some fine grains of silver bromide are changing. When a movie out of the photographic apparatus and exposed to different liquids, but those grains, which acted on the light, becoming dark places film.
The light was stronger, the film will appear dark spots. This movie is called negative, because the opposite way reflects the image. dark parts of scenes youve photographed looks bright, and bright parts appear dark or black.
When the negative is over, it is necessary to make a positive impression. In other words, the negative is placed against a special paper copy, which also operates the light. This paper presents a bright light through the negative. In this dark place at less negative light leaking through the paper copy, so that these parts look bright. So again we come to look real objects we photographed it.
Photo appears as copy paper, therefore, , passed first through a negative, and then through a positive phase. In this way, as a result, we get exactly what you have photographed his camera.

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