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How to unlock D900i via code? | Mobile

How to unlock D900i via code? Easiest and least painful way to unlock the phone by code

The easiest and least painful way to unlock the phone by code. This trick works with all models of Samsung, which have similar or the same software as the Model D900 - D500, D600, J600, E250, etc -. Before you go, you MUST save your contacts the SIM card, and make the entire backup image / shorts / etc. things to your computer or a microSD card because when you reset the phone will automatically delete all.
All you have is unsupported SIM card - from another operator - and youre ready. | STEPS: 01Uzmite unsupported SIM card and remove the battery cover and insert the SIM card into the slot, but only halfway - you can push it without removing the battery and thus make - because then phone will not recognize the SIM. 02Upalite mobile. On the phone will say Insert SIM. Now we can custom reset and enter * 2767 * 2878 #, the last four digits after the star will be shown as a minus - * 2767 * ---- # - and Do not worry, after that, depending where you bought the cell phone will be changed to the language. 03Sada push the SIM card to the end, nevertheless it will still stand Insert the SIM, and enter the FULL reset * 2767 * 3855 #
04Sada have to change NCK code at 8 and type the zeros: * 7465625 * 638 * 00000000 * 00000000 # 05I
last step is to disable Network lock and key: # 7465625 * 638 * 00000000 #
06Sada it power on and off, and your phone will be unlocked for all networks.

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