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How to save cell phone that fell into the water? | Mobile

How to save cell phone that fell into the water? Mobile, the device without which life would seem inconceivable today, almost everyone has

Mobile, the device without which life would seem inconceivable today, almost everyone owns.
If by any chance you can find under the water before you discard technique try to revive it, but as with human the revival of life should be faster, more promptly and as described below ... |
| 01NE dropped cell phone !
Do not try to light a cell phone, water is a conductor and break electrical circuits in your mobile phone, so it does not turn on just to check if it works. 02Izvadite battery and SIM card
We wanted to prevent the destruction of the circuits, because as long as the battery inside the device is powered. If the owner of the iPhone and unfortunately this step is feasible for you ... we can only wish you luck, and advised to go to the third step.
03Uronite unit in fresh water
If your cell phone fell into the sea, or salt water, it must be rinsed in fresh water because salt causes corrosion and rust on your phone lines. Plain water will wash all the salt from it.
Shake Mobile as you can in order to eject the water which is below the plastic. Now you could use hair that has the option of drying the cold because I do not recommend using hot air compressor or spray with compressed air. If you do not see anything of this at hand, gently wipe with a tissue cell phone , do not expose it, like the oven or microwave!
05U rice is salvation!
Mobile put in a container or plastic bag they fill the uncooked rice to cover the whole cell phone and other parts that you are taking. Leave the cell phone standing in the rice a day - two rice will do the job as silica gel, that will pick up moisture from all possible devices. It does not matter what the type of rice, a brown or white. Once out of the rice-assemble it and try to ignite it if you manage all of its functions should work as before.

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