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How to be more productive when using email? | Web

How to be more productive when using e-mail? Mobile technologies have opened the possibility to significantly increase the productivity of workers

Mobile technologies have opened the possibility to significantly increase the productivity of workers. However, inadequate access and improper use of new technological opportunities often has a negative effect - workers have become addicted to checking e-mail and text messages during meetings, a large amount information and takes considerable time to sort the mail, and delete processed and may be interrupted and dekoncentrirati employees when performing their tasks. |
01Koristite descriptive title of your e-mail message - the field Subject - that contain information about actions and time frames for the received message. This will help your colleagues easier to set priorities for their actions and better organization of time. For example
Subject: John - For action this morning - Quarterly figures needed or Subject: Kate / Pete - FYI no action - information from Planning Meeting 02Odredite day time period for resolving e-mail message, preferably at the beginning or the end working time. This helps ensure maximum commitment to addressing quality of accumulated e-mail message instead of a termination of the task 03Smanjite or eliminate sending a one-line e-mail messages that contain information such as Thank you, Super or hear the 04Planirajte send e-mails and, if possible, always send an e-mail with all the necessary information instead of 5 separate. 05Kod deletion and Cleaning message, make sure the necessary answers and their quality. 06Najbitnije information always refer to or repeat at the top of the e-mail messages in order to reduce the need to scroll or scrolling through previous correspondence in its forwarded mails 07Ukoliko you are able, some of the work of managing your emails to make your way to work in the tram or train. Of course, if you do not drive to work. 08Ukoliko you need immediate response from the person you are sending email, using other technologies such as SMS or contact the recipient immediately after you send the email to highlight the importance of rapid response. 09Objektivno evaluate their own productivity. tenure to resolve mails outside business hours you do not in themselves more productive! Give yourself a deadline to at least 2 times a week they went to work on time. work within their own deadlines often increases worker productivity. 10Povremeno to resolve the accumulated backlog, try to process emails at home if there is more. In this How do you ensure the start of a new working day with no tails of the previous period. 11Smanjite expectations using Out of Office reply if you are outside the workplace, even if youre at the meeting. This will reduce expectations in the event that requires an immediate response, and thus the amount of stress and pressure. 12I possible, organize meetings in person, by telephone or videoconference. personalized experience helps in defining the most important items, and reduces the possibility of confusion. In this way significantly reduces the Fire and Forget syndrome - a situation when you send email, and forget to follow-up - which helps to faster closing of the open activities. 13Povremeno, if necessary, briefly shut down service to receive messages in order to dedicate maximum work assignment in which you do not want to interrupt you. 14Ukoliko at a meeting, and no way you can miss a phone call or answer an e-mail message, politely apologize to all the participants of the meeting due to interference. 15Na meeting invite only those participants who necessarily have to attend. Participants have the feeling that the meeting is not for they will probably be more inclined to multitask and unnecessary resolution of other issues unrelated to the meeting. 16Strogo define the rules of meetings of the company, and obey them. eg maximum 15 minutes waiting for the necessary participants in the meeting. 17Kratki, standing meetings where the need for a simple and quick decisions can be a great solution for saving time. 18Oduprite the need for unnecessary multitasking during meetings if you have a device that allows attention to other tasks - mobile phone, laptop, notebook ... -. Be aware that this way everyone disturb concentration. In survey - conducted by Dr. Glen Wilson of the University of London for HP -:
62% of adult dependent on the checking messages during meetings, after hours and weekends 50% of workers received the mail will be answered within 60 minutes 20% of workers reported that they did not stop the problem of current activity, business or private meeting to check incoming messages 89%
Gmail as one of the leading providers of e-mail service allows you to do, all you need is to do a sync with your preferred email and then you will be able to read all the emails / send via Gmail, and to send power to choose whether to send a message via Gmail or any of your other account.
PROCEDURE: 01 log 02 in Gmail, click Settings in the upper right corner of the 03 accounts and settings, select Import and click to add a POP3 email account for 04 after you open a new window, enter your e-mail account from which want to get mail and click to continue 05 unesiti now have a username and password, POP3 is already full so do not touch, and I recommend that you check the last two boxes with check marks, because then you will have a separate inboxs of the new Gmail account, and then click on Add Account 06 now have to logon to the email that you add, so you can click on the link to verify that you send 07 gmail then you have successfully added a new mail |

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