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How did the internet? | Web

How did the internet? Internet, a global network, built in 1968

Internet, global network, built in 1968. Year, then called ARPANET and was used as a military network of the U.S. Department of Defense.
Goal of the ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network - was to connect a number of computers in the United States. The development of these networks has progressed during the Cold War. early 70s, many academic institutions have seen their opportunity to share information, work on joint projects without having a physical gathering of scientists at one point, the synchronization of networked data, etc. computers grew, Unix computers from scratch, later more and PCs. |
the growth of the computer saw the necessity of creating a single protocol that will allow data transfer between computers - created the Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol - TCP / IP -. creation of this protocol was made a prerequisite for the development of a network of networks.
In 1989th Briton Tim Barners-Lee in Switzerland invented the World Wide Web service and the kind we use today. developed a graphically oriented NET components and protocols, and the descriptive language of the Internet, HTML.
With the entry of Microsoft into a global story, began the era komercijalizacije.Naime, but then it was clear that it will be a large network made up of many smaller networks.
JSTOR computer on the Internet has grown tremendously:
1984th exceeded the 1000 computer
1987th 10 000 computers
1989th 100 000 computers
1992nd 1 million computers
1996 .
10 million PCs 1998th has more than 30 million computers
2000. There are more than 100 million computers
2011th close to 2 billion computers
Today is the connection to the Internet has become easier than ever. prices of computer equipment that is needed are so pale that they become acceptable to almost anyone, even in such difficult economic situation in which Croatia is currently located. addition to the equipment necessary to choose their Internet service provider - ISP - Internet Service Provider -.

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