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How to download videos from YouTube? | Web

How to download videos from YouTube? Im sure there are hundreds of them

Im sure there are hundreds of them ... and Ill show you one way that you can download videos from YouTube. Here we use an online service that requires no registration, download special software or installation thereof .
So the first thing we need to do is choose a video on YouTube that I want to download ... For this example we will use their own video.
His address - URL - read com / watch? v = N-VXmU2of6k so we will copy the entire address this, we will open the page Keepvid and paste it into the space provided and click Download as shown in the figure below. 01
NOTE: You must have Java Applet on your computer when you show this Warning window is necessary to compress the Run, if possible, you can check in the box Always trust content ... so you do not need to for each video re-affirm.
02 Once you have confirmed it wait a few moments to search the video converted then you will get a list of formats in which the requested video can be downloaded. addition of links is the resolution of the converted video, which you select the most suits and simply click on the download and save videos to your PC. 03

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