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How to install Windows from USB? | Computers

How to install Windows from USB? The latest generation of small laptops come without an optical reader, or your CD / DVD-ROM

The latest generation of small laptops come without an optical reader, or your CD / DVD-ROM. When you reinstall Windows on these computers users are coming to the small problem ... how to install Windows contained on a CD / DVD? Fortunately for This type of problem has a solution! | Everything you need:
USB stick - 1GB min - Windows CD / DVD
01 Download the free program WinsetupFromUSB < / a> and install it on your computer 02 to record the contents of the Windows CD to your hard drive at C: folder name in Windows XP - meaning it will be located at C: WinXP - 03 Run the program under Windows 2000/XP / 2003 Source click on Browse and select the WinXP folder, or simply type C: WinXP without quotation marks in field 04 under USB Disk Selection, select your USB stick 05 Other settings do not touch it because everything is already predetermined 06 Now just press the GO button and wait to complete the copy operation. Upon completion of your USB will be ready to install Windows from it. II. Mode - Video Tutorial for WinToFlash program

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