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How to protect excel sheet password? | Computers

How to protect excel sheet password? If you have any reason to be protected from excel sheet editing capabilities, you can do it like this

If you for some reason needs to be protected from excel sheet editing capabilities, you can do this. This can be very good and useful way of dealing with confidential information because it preserves the privacy and authenticity of data, and allows the access code.
Go to the Review tab in Excel and click on Protect Sheet.
will pop-up window with the Protect Sheet. Press check the Protect Worksheet and contents of locked cells . Enter the password code to Unprotect sheet and you can check if you are interested in other options such as: select locked cells, Select unlocked cells, format cells, columns or rows, insert or delete rows ... Now click Ok. this sheet is protected.
this code, as well as any other to excel in moving to go to the Review tab and click Unprotect Sheet.
Enter the password in the window and now you have an unprotected sheet and can be modeled ..

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