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How to replace the old notepad? | Computers

How to replace the old notepad? If you are an experienced user, you probably do not like to use the default program for editing text documents, and an old notepad

If you are an experienced user, you probably do not like to use the default program for editing text documents, and an old notepad. This basic text editor in the Windows system from the very beginning and has not changed at all. If you want to replace Notepad in Windows 7 with other text editor like Notepad2, for example, it can be a bit tricky! Luckily I found a method that works! For those who do not know Notepad2 is a more advanced text editor that makes it easy to program because of its features syntax highlighting.
The process described in this article is designed for Windows 7 x64. 01Prvo, download the latest version of Notepad2 link below - If you have 64-bit version of Windows, download the x64 version - 02Nakon you have downloaded and unzipped Notepad2. zip file you should have 4 files as shown in the picture below
03Iskljuńćite user control - UAC - in Windows 7 susatvu. Drag the slider all the way down, Never Notify.
Keep in mind that after the procedure, you can restore the previous UAC settings. We We need it only temporarily, so that we can replace the system files. 04Sada old open Notepad and paste it in this that lies beneath. REM START BATCH Commands least PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT User Account Control - UAC - is turned OFF AND HAS BEEN REBOOTED PC FIRST!
rem If you are using Vista x32 version, then edit this file first by adding REM in front of every line that contains the phrase SysWOW64?. Then run the script again.
@ echo off
takeown / fc: Windows SysWOW64 notepad.exe
cacls c: windows SysWOW64 notepad.exe / G Administrators: F
takeown / fc: windows system32 notepad.exe
cacls c: windows system32 notepad.exe / G Administrators: F
takeown / fc: windows notepad.exe
cacls c: windows notepad.exe / G Administrators: F
copy c: windows SysWOW64 notepad.exe C: Windows SysWOW64 notepad.exe.backup
copy c: windows system32 notepad.exe c: windows system32 notepad.exe.backup
copy c: windows notepad.exe c: windows notepad.exe.backup
notepad2.exe copy c: windows SysWOW64 notepad.exe
notepad2.exe copy c: windows system32 notepad.exe copy
Notepad2. exe c: windows notepad.exe
@ echo on REM END BATCH Commands Now save it as. bat file. So click on File -> Save As and far as you type a file name replace.bat -. baht write manually after entering the file name and its mandatory! -
05Sada run the script by right clicking and select Run as administrator.
script will give you some warning messages, and then Press any key to continue. You will then receive a message that the script is unable to access system files - Notepad -. will ask three times to replace the files on all three issues press the Y and then Enter - See picture below - | After this step, all what you need to do is reset the computer, and all the files you have opened the old Notepad will now be opened to new, Notepad2.

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