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How to unlock Excel files? | Computers

How to unlock Excel files? Most people protect their Excel files before they are shared, especially when it comes to some form

Most people protect their Excel files before they are shared, especially when it comes to some form. Protection keeps the same Excel document from unauthorized editing, changing, deleting, etc. Mostly it is a document password protection ...
How to bypass? | | | I will give three simple ways: 1 Upload it to Google Docs
Transfer the file to Google Docs will unlock it. Simply upload it and then re-download the same on your computer . Be sure and save the new file under a different name, because it happens that when you unlock the Google Docs changed some spaces in the table, so that later you will have to align. 2 Upload it to Zoho Sheet
Zoho Sheet works much like Google Docs, but gives users several options, such as the ability to edit spreadsheets stored in SharePoint .. Process unlock Excel files same as in Google Docs-A. Most of the unlocked files looked the same as the original, however, Zoho knows to change the font 3. Upload it to Ensodes Unlock Utility
Ensode Web is far better solution than the first two otklju─Źvanje Excel documents. open their web page, scroll down below the advertisement, accept the terms and upload Excel file. Youll get a link Download your files unlocked and save it under another name and you can continue your promijene.Ensode tool preserves the integrity of the original table. All fonts, sizes and budgets of the cells remain fully intact. also has the ability to unlock PDF file.

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