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How to install Windows 7? | Computers

How to install Windows 7? Ready to install Windows 7? Read instructions on how to access the installation

Ready to install Windows 7? Read instructions on how to access the installation - step by step - and make sure your copy of Windows is installed correctly. Before starting the installation you need to do a few things. First, save all documents in a portable HDD USB or burn to DVD / CD, and if your HardDisk divided into multiple partitions, all free to switch to the C: partition to another, because the C: to be completely deleted before installing Windows.
When you prepare your computer and documents We can go to the installation itself, which greatly differs from all previous editions of Windows because of its exceptional ease ...
01Ubacite Windows 7 DVD into your computer and then restart it.
When the message appears as shown below Within a few seconds, you have to press any key on your keyboard.
VERY IMPORTANT: This is done only once, during installation of Windows because the computer will restart a few times and then when you show such messages NOTHING stylistic ! 02Nakon you squeeze it a key installation begins.
03Sljedeći step is the appearance of the Windows startup screens.
04Na this step, adjust the setup language, time zone and keyboard language. Set the desired values ​​and click Next.
05Ovaj step offers us some information and the ability to repair Windows, but we are not interested now, because to start the installation, click Install Now.
06Pokrenut Windows Setup will then wait for a short time. Then you will be asked whether you agree with license conditions. So tick I accept the license terms and click Next.
07U this step, select the installation type, and in this case, they install a clean Windows will choose Custom - advanced -
08Sada will be displayed and all our hardiskovi partition if you have them. In my case I have a harddisk so I choose it and click Next. If the situation is different with you, you have the right option Drive options using which you can create your own partition, formatted hard, etc. When you are finished with this procedure, select desired installation location and click Next. Keep in mind that the installation is required at least 16GB of free space.
09Na this step begins with the installation, which can last from 20-40min. During this time, do not touch anything, the process will end, the computer reset, youre still not not touch - the DVD is still in the computer - the process will continue on completing installation
10Pojavljuje the next screen which informs you that the installation will continue after reboot. Again, we do not touch anything on the keyboard. After restarting the computer reset occurs to you the message Setup is preparing your computer for first use ... the next step ... 11Nakon the system until we are prepared to enter their own data related to Windows. In this step, write your name - username - which is also the administrator name and computer name to be used in the network.
12Sada need to enter your password and secret question to enter into our account, which is also the administrator. This is optional, so you can leave it blank.
13Upišite Product key tied to your Windows and check Automatically activate Windows ... and click Next.
14Na this step, click Use recommended settings ...
15Podesite time zone and time and click NEXT ...
16Nakon the installation process finishes Preparing your Windows desktop your are properly installed and ready for work. Make sure the drivers for your hardware is installed properly unless you connect to the Internet and update the hardware.

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