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How the calculator? | Computers

How does the calculator? Calculator is a device to conduct arithmetic operations

The calculator is a device to carry out mathematical operations. Simple calculators as a mathematical tool we use at school or home checking account. Scientists, engineers and accountants used complex calculators that can perform very complex accounts. Today calculators are electronic and contain a tiny silicon chip performing mathematical operations. Components in a pocket calculator are so tiny they can fit in the case with credit cards or watch. | simple calculator can add and subtract, multiply and divide and calculate percentages. in electronic brain, the numbers represent a tiny electrical circuits that switch on and off. The brain works by applying a binary number system, which consists only of the digits 0 - of - and 1 - to - rather than numbers 0-9 in the decimal system. Any number that is entered the calculator is changed to binary, and the receipt of a binary system is changed back to a decimal so you can see the result on screen.
Basic Types calculator pocket calculators can perform simple calculations and have only a few keys. Most have a simple display of 8 numbers and memory for storing numbers. work or on a small battery or solar panel. Table calculators are larger than pocket calculators. Some work on electric drive and the numbers printed on paper scrolls, and also print them on display. Scientific calculators are complex and deal with math functions or statistical data.
Abak was probably the first computer device is invented more than 5000 years and is still used in some countries. counts pulling wooden beads along the wire folded wooden frame. balls are different sizes, for example 1-ous, 10-wire, 100-
ice, etc. The first mechanical computing devices are made in the 17th century. to implement mathematical operations were used levers and gears and they were not trusted everything to the 19th century, around 1830 . Englishman Charles Babbage designed a machine called an analytical machine, and it was programmed mechanical calculator. Unfortunately it was too complicated to be made at this time. In 1930s and 1940s, scientists in the United States invented the large electronic devices for computing . first desktop calculator could be obtained 1963rd year and late 19 th century the cheap pocket calculator became a common thing. Dućanska Checkout is a type of calculator. Adds the prices and order prints them together with the total cash svotom.Većina automatically reads in the supermarkets prices with a bar code printed on each item.

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