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How to defragment your hard drive? | Computers

How to defragment your hard drive? Disk Defragmenter speeds up your computer, ie

Disk Defragmenter speeds up your computer work, or arranges files on your hard disk so that they quicker and easier to access than before.
Defragment your hard drive you can without any additional software if you use the Windows operating system. Click desnik click on the icon of your hard disk you want to defragment and select Properties and then Tools tab, under which it is located Defragment now ... button that starts the process.
On the Internet there are many different programs that the task perform better and faster than a pre-determined program. This article will be described with the free program Auslogics Disk Defrag so feel free to download to your computer, install it and follow the steps described in the pictures below.
01Nakon starting the installation, a window where clicking welcome Next .
02Odabiremo option I accept the agreement EULA and clicking Next .
03Na this step is the default installation directory path, if you want you can change it by pressing the Browse , it will not change me so well just click on Next .
04Ukoliko not want to install ASK toolbar and set < / em> page as the homepage, then remove the check checkboxes and click Next .
05Ukoliko want to leave an icon on the desktop check box and click the check Next .
06Instalacija the now been completed and then clicking on the Finish button program will launch.
07Odaberite your or your hard disks that you want to defragment, click on the arrow next to Defrag and choose the option Defrag & Optimize to start the process. We recommend that you defragmented the drive is not doing anything on the computer because it further slows down the whole process, and I work on computer will be difficult to complete.
After defragmentation reset the computer. Defragment Your Computer recommended every 2-3 weeks, but this period depends on how many new programs / files, installed, deleted or created in some time. In other words, what has changed over the content on your hard disk is recommended to defragment often.

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