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How to clean the air conditioner? | Maintenance

How to clean the air conditioner? It is known that the air conditioner, if not cleaned regularly, it can be very useful for the development of different bacteria

It is known that the air conditioner, if not cleaned regularly, it can be very useful for the development of various bacteria. We suggest that each year whether before or after the summer extract ten minutes of your time and clean the air conditioner so that they can still be used without concerns about your health. So not only do you keep your health and longevity, but keep your air conditioner. Most people clean their environment before the summer season because so clean condition before it will be most used, and because of the dust that accumulates throughout the winter dormancy.
Filters in climate would otherwise need to change every two or three months if you use it for cooling and heating, and is recommended more often if you have a pet. Before cleaning, be sure to turn off the air conditioner and turn off him from power. Open the air conditioner. opens probably by gripping the side of the front plastic cover and pull towards yourself first, and then up into the air. Now that the lid of the indoor unit is open, you can see which filters should be cleaned . Remove any large objects with filters, filter and then wash with warm water. If desired, the filter can be cleaned with a disinfectant - consult with repairers -. Allow filter to dry and then put it back in the air conditioning. Note that some filters are discarded while others are only cleaned and washed. filter must be dry before returning to the air conditioning.
Mesh wash with water and soap or detergent for the courts. Replace filters in place and make sure you are properly set and that is good.
Close the lid and is ready for use. Cleaning the indoor unit h3 Cleanliness and hygiene of the indoor unit is a basic step for the long term preservation of your air conditioner. Regularly remove dust and dirt as well as for health and for preserving the only device .
Regularly check whether everything is OK with entrance and exit of air, something that would not have prevented the normal flow of air. Make sure you do not accidentally dripped water from the parts that are intended to drain water. This can occur if you exhaust water pipe bent or tilted. h3 Clean outdoor unit Outdoor unit unit is very exposed to all kinds of weather. In effect, the sun, rain, wind, snow ... etc for the outdoor unit is equally important that the pure as well as internal.
Ensure that it would not have stuck the leaves or branches, or any other objects that might interfere with normal work environment. If unsure about cleaning, removing filters or maintenance is the best and brightest to consult with their service personnel .

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