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How to remove ink stains from? | Repairs

How to remove the stain of ink? Stains originating from the pens can be substantially removed gentle, circular movements, most commonly with an eraser

Stains that come from the pens can be substantially removed gentle, circular movements, most commonly with an eraser. Soap is for these spots far the safest solution: rub a little soap on the soiled wet place, push the foam fingers through the stain, and then Rinse with lukewarm water. If the procedure fails, and it is a white cloth, try to treat the stain with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, and then, if possible, allow the fabric to dry in the sun. Ink stains can be removed with a colorful If clothes before washing them soak in the hot and sour milk - the process may be slow, but effective -.
marker stains, first spray a little hairspray and then wash the cloth - but first examine whether such an easy to have an adverse effect the appearance or fabric will stay behind a new spot -.

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