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How to grasp the density of matter? | Chemistry

How to grasp the density of matter? Take the one hand, one brick, and another piece of wood roughly the same size

Take the one hand, one brick, and another piece of wood roughly the same size. You feel that brick is heavier because it has more weight than wood. Earth draws more power brick. This is because the brick has a mass greater than a piece of wood.
In other words, the total amount of matter in the bricks is much higher than in wood. We can see and feel that different materials have different masses, although they are the same size. Weight cube of gold will be 20 times the mass of ice cubes the same size. ease or weight of a substance called a volume density, and it depends on how thick it complex individual molecules. We say that the brick has a higher density of wood. brick particles are heavier and denser than wood particles.
imagine in my head empty elevator. As people began to fill its density increases until all is fulfilled. Then its density is greatest. Its size remained the same all the time but its mass is increased.
Density is the mass of a certain volume of matter. If all three sides of 1 cm cube has a volume of 1 cubic centimeter - 1 cm 3 -. 1 cm 3 of water weighs 1 gram - g -. Therefore, its density is 1 g per cm 3 . It is written g / cm 3 . 1 cm 3 has 11.3 g of lead and its density is 11.3 g / cm 3 . air is composed of molecules that are not densely complex and therefore it is the density of very small, about 0.0000012 g / cm 3 . Equal weights of different materials can have different scale.
Put one pound of iron on the scale, then weigh a kilogram of sugar. You can see how many pounds of sugar greater than one kilogram of iron, and this is because sugar has a much lower density of iron. best example of the nature of the Santa of ice. Iceberg has a lower density than water, and this is why it floats on the water surface. Steel vessels have an average density of less than g / cm 3 because their interior contains a lot of air to reduce density of the body and thus can not sink, but are held on the water surface.

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