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As the water turns to ice? | Chemistry

As the water turns to ice? We all know that the ice water in the solid state of matter, but that comes down to it, is explained in the text

We all know that the ice water in the solid state of matter, but that comes down to it, is explained in the text. If the rivers, lakes and ponds freeze from the bottom up - upward instead of downward from the bottom, many important things in life would be quite different. Not only would the change in climate in the world, but would let the creatures that live in water completely disappeared!
Heres how the water in the pond turns to ice: the bar where the air becomes cold, it cools the upper layer of water. This layer becomes heavier than the warmer lower layers and falls to the bottom. This process is repeated until all the water in the pond is not at a temperature of about 4 ° C. | However, the temperature remains fall! When the upper layer of water becomes colder than 4 ° C, it stays on top because the water colder than 4 ° C becomes easier. If the temperature stays at the point of freezing - freezing - of 0 degrees Celsius scales, and if you still declining, are beginning to create tiny crystals. Each crystal has six legs. When they merge, creating the ice, and water was soon covered with ice cover. ice is sometimes clear, sometimes not. This is because a drop of water when it freezes released by a tiny air bubble . This hat catches the expansion of crystals. Whats more crystals formed over the ice cap and becomes opaque. If the water below the ice moves, small caps are gathering air and the ice becomes translucent. Water is one of few substances which are not collected when from liquid to solid yarn. When the water turns into ice, it can extend to one-ninth - ninth - its volume, so that nine liters of water gets ten gallons of ice! When water pipes are broken, winter or cooler in the car it happened because the water is freezing and there was no room for the ice that has a greater volume of water!
So be careful when you cool glass bottles as quickly as possible and put them in the freezer in order to avoid cracking the glass.

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