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How to learn math and physics? Category mathematics and physics helps you in calculating, the procedure for calculating percentages, addition, multiplication, division, fractions to be calculated and all math operations.


How to get non rusting steel? | Chemistry

How to get non rusting steel? Every year millions of tons of produce is one of the most important alloys

Every year millions of tons of produce is one of the most important alloys - steel - which is used in various ways, from making small tools to the railroad tracks. If, in addition to carbon, iron and other elements are added, the steel in the gets a special case belongs, the type of quality. One of these is the steel and stainless steel. When a mixture of carbon and iron, add 10 to 20% chromium and some nickel alloys obtained is resistant to rust, oxidation and the action of many acids
| Therefore, stainless steel is steel that has been added to Chrome, and some nickel. This steel is used for making many items as they encounter and use every day. of stainless steel, for example, real table and kitchen knives, locks, accessories for fishing, etc. Due to the stainless steel can polish to a high gloss, often used for making mirrors and reflectors, glass, where, because of their fragility, these purposes do not match.

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