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How is radioactivity? | Chemistry

How is radioactivity? We know that the atomic bomb explosions produce radioactivity, which have the major problems of mankind today

We know that the atomic bomb explosions produce radioactivity, which have the major problems of modern humankind. But the radioactivity that occurs ii why it is harmful to humans?
Radioactivity is the spontaneous broadcasting alpha particles and beta particles in matter , often accompanied by gamma emission of electromagnetic waves, in which chemical elements are transformed from one into the other and this releases energy.
Lets start from the atom. Each atom is like our solar system. Instead of the sun, there is a nucleus in an atom, and instead of planets there are electrons orbiting the nucleus. core consists of one or more positively charged particles. | Radioactivity occurs when an atom, for some reason, the nucleus loses one or more particles. atom can radiate and send energy in the form of radiation - gamma rays -.
Some elements are naturally radioactive. This means that their atoms are constantly radiating particles. This phenomenon is called decay. When the particles are separated, the atom experiences a change. Thus radium , which naturally emits radioactive particles and converts it into other elements, all while becoming a lead.
Scientists now know how to artificially create the radioactivity. bombarding atoms of some elements, scientists cause disintegration of atoms, which then become radioactive. bombarded atoms emit energy that can be used in various ways.
Why is radioactivity dangerous to humans? Well, imagine that the particles that fly and atoms. When these particles strike other atoms, they can break down and change their chemical composition . And when the station hit the living cells of the human body, and those that cause change. Can burn and destroy the skin, red blood cells and cause changes in other cells.
Uranus is by far the most radioactive metal. But far from being the most radioactive. his salt, and he found applications in the glass and ceramics. Because of its high specific gravity and very good mechanical properties is used for making heavy warheads that can easily break through very thick steel armor. Phosphorus particles leads to the appearance of a very serious disease, is only a matter of time before the body to show signs of illness.
Radium is a metal that is a million times more radioactive than uranium. Its salt glow in the dark beautiful blue light, its converted to the radioactive gas radon which is an integral part of the Earths atmosphere - in extremely small amounts -.
Polonium is a metal that is even 5000 times stronger than alpha radioactive emitter radium. flask containing half a gram of polonium is warm to 500 degrees and is used as a heat source that drives the universe aircraft.
Even though in different ways may serve man, radioactivity is dangerous, and its power is destructive.

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