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How to get alcohol? | Chemistry

How to get alcohol? There are different types of alcohol, but all alcohols organic chemical compounds

There are different types of alcohol, but all alcohols organic chemical compounds. He is best known as the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is ethyl alcohol is usually known as grain alcohol. Ethanol in beverages obtained acting yeast to sugar in barley - beer -, grapes - wine - and barley, corn or rye - whiskey -.
Ethyl alcohol is produced from starch and sugar, and can be obtained from vegetables, grains and fruits. When the produced from starch, starch is first converted into sugar and then fermenting the sugar into alcohol. fermentation stops when the volume fraction of 16% alcohol, because alcohol is more concentrated effect on enzyme activity. drinks with more alcohol obtained by distillation. flavor drinks originating of small amounts of long chain hydrocarbons, aldehydes, organic acids and esters. Alcoholic fermentation is the oldest method of obtaining alcohol. In this process, with the catalytic action of yeast enzymes, carbohydrates are converted into ethanol.
In the United States, alcohol is usually produced from beet molasses dark - black syrup by-product of sugar production -. Some types of alcohol obtained from corn, rye, barley and other grains -. In Germany, most alcohol is made from potatoes.
you know that the ethyl alcohol used as fuel?
It can even be used in cars, as a substitute for gasoline. When alcohol is used in engines, it is often blended with other chemicals to get the quality. During the Second World War, several countries , which is lacking oil, used gasoline instead of alcohol for fuel. Although alcohol is lighter than water, the two liquids mix easily and create a solution - a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances - which has a lower freezing point than water. Such solution is commonly used as an antifreeze in car refrigerators.
Because it dissolves many substances, alcohol is often used as a solvent - a liquid that dissolves other liquids - for example in the production of coatings for wood and metal . Alcohol is also used for the preparation of anesthetic agents, such as chloroform and ether, and the production of numerous substances, such as paints, medicines, ointments and vinegar.
Alcohol is an antiseptic. used in museums and hospitals for preserving specimens.
As you can see a wide variety of uses, and not just for drinking. When entering the body in small amounts, combines with oxygen and produces heat, so do not feel cold when you drink a little alcohol.

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