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How is centrifugal force? | Physics

How is centrifugal force? If you are quick enough turn the head over a bucket with water, the water will gush

If you are fast enough to turn the head over a bucket with water, the water will pour out. When a body revolves in a circle, there is a force that operates outside the center of the circle. This is because the body tends to continue moving in that direction. The force depends on the speed with which it moves in a circle, the greater the speed of rotation the greater the force. So with buckets which turn quite quickly head over to the forces that occurs pushes water into the bucket. If this force, when the bucket over your head , greater than the weight of water, the water will pour out.
The force acting on the outside of a center called the centrifugal force. centrifugal force is equal but opposite directions, centripetalnoj force.
This force acts toward the center of the circle and holds bucket while moving around the circle. In no centripetal force to Kant flew in the direction of movement. You can feel the effort that is created in your hand that produces a centripetal force.
centrifugal force acts outwards from the center of a centripetal force acts towards the center. If you turn the bucket slowly, you will discover what happens to these forces. What is spinning slower and less power. It is now weaker and the force that pushes water into the bucket - less centrifugal force. If the force is less than the weight of water, then water will start pouring out. At the same time and centripetal forces, the effort in your hand - weak. Centrifugal force keeps balance with gravity in the solar system. Earth and the Sun are very large mass and because the strong force between them difficult. Since can not move one to another there must be another force that keeps them apart. This is a centrifugal force caused by rotation of the Earth in orbit around the Sun. So in the solar system there are two forces opposing one another.
One is gravity, which acts as a centripetal force, and second, opposite it, centrifugal force caused by the movement of planets around the sun. no plan for air resistance to slow them down and continue with the movement. In the same way the moon and artificial satellites move in orbit around the Earth. Gravitati─Źno attraction between the Earth and satellites or the moon is held in balance with their centrifugal forces. you can feel the centrifugal force that pushes you out when the car suddenly turn, and you can feel it, and the roundabouts at the fair courts. At roundabouts force is strong for this reason that it is a circle so small, so you have to hold tight to stay on them.

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