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How to learn math and physics? Category mathematics and physics helps you in calculating, the procedure for calculating percentages, addition, multiplication, division, fractions to be calculated and all math operations.


What is the meaning and Buoyancy? | Physics

What is the meaning and Buoyancy? Archimedes

Archimedes - the Greek. Arhimedes, about 287th to 212th BC. BC. - Was a Greek physicist and one of the greatest mathematician of antiquity.
Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor, who lived in the ancient Greek colony of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. King of Syracuse, Hijeron, asked one day by the Archimedes said that he has a royal crown in gold and silver. Archimedes has long plagued this problem. One day, getting into the bath to bathe, saw that the water level is raised. He immediately left the bathroom and ran the streets of Syracuse shouting Eureka!, which means I have found!.
Hijeronov Archimedes solved the problem. First, that is, measured how heavy is the crown. Then he found a nugget of gold and silver nugget, which each have striven as the royal crown. Then he dropped the crown in a pot with water and measure how much the water level arose. It also made the nugget is gold. That the crown was made of pure gold, the water would be raised to the same height. However, there is a difference, and Archimedes, and the height izmjerivši what it has achieved a lump of silver, could be measured as the exact relationship between gold and silver in the crown.
law of specific gravity, or Archimedes law says that any object immersed in fluid, is pushed upward force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.
body immersed in a liquid it is easier for the mass of the displaced fluid.
Also, Archimedes invented many devices that are, in his time, used in military purposes. When the Romans attacked the city of Syracuse by sea and land, 214th the year before our era, defenders of the city are managed by keep almost three full years, using Archimedes war gadgets ¬ ma. So the mathematician invented catapults, which threw the Romans.
Archimedes and wrote several books about physics, and knew the principle of leverage. Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier and the conquest of Syracuse, in order to surrender was engrossed in his geometric figures.
his last words were: Do not touch my circles ...

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