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How to learn math and physics? Category mathematics and physics helps you in calculating, the procedure for calculating percentages, addition, multiplication, division, fractions to be calculated and all math operations.


How we see the reflection in the mirror? | Physics

How we see the reflection in the mirror? is a mirror surface that reflects light properly

is a mirror surface that reflects light properly. When light falls on a surface, or it can absorb or reject, or return back. Mirror is such a smooth surface that reflects light.
The principle of the mirror is very simple: the light reflected from the mirror is almost the same as the rubber ball bouncing off the wall. If you throw the ball straight at the wall, it will be back in a straight line. If the throw angle, it will be rejected under the same angle to the other side.
When light falls on the mirror at some angle, it is rejected under the same angle to the other side. | first angle is called angle of incidence, and the second angle of rejection. These are two angles are always equal.
mirror which is commonly used is flat, meaning that its surface is flat. curve mirrors do not give a clear picture of the items which are reflected in them, but it distorted. mirror consists of a piece of glass , which is on the back covered with silver nitrate. silvery background prevents the penetration of light through glass.
This layer actually reflect light, glass and serves only to protect sensitive silver from tarnishing and scratches.
Imagine that standing in front of a mirror. Light rays falling on our body and bounce off of him. and therefore we can see all the objects around us. In other words, we can only see objects because light rays from them bounce, these light rays falling on the mirror and bounce from it to your eyes and see a clear picture of myself in the mirror! However, you look in the mirror as if you are behind him. image you see is called the real picture, because it seems that the light beam spot and the focal point behind the mirror. Your the mirror is reversed. your right hand as the left, and everything else, too, looks like it has changed the page

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