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What causes a mirage? | Physics

What causes a mirage? Imagine a man who wanders the desert and dying of thirst

Imagine a man who wanders the desert and dying of thirst. He casts a glance into the distance and his Hallucinations lake full of water, surrounded by trees. Stumbling toward the lake until his vision disappears and does not remain anything other than hot sand around him.
Lake what he saw in the distance a mirage. |
| How it occurs?
mirage is a trick which is before our eyes and the nature of certain conditions in the atmosphere. We see some objects because light rays that bounce off objects and come to our eyes. These rays usually reaching our eyes in a straight line. therefore if we look into the distance, we see only objects that are beyond our horizon.
Now explain what trick is creating an atmosphere of light rays. above the ground of the desert can be a layer of dense air, which acts like a mirror. One thing may be out of sight, far below the horizon. But when it comes to the light rays in a layer of dense air, they are rejected by our eyes and we see this case as it is above the horizon and that we are on the horizon. We thus We see them as objects of our eyes can not see! When distant reflections of the sky with this mirror of the air, it sometimes looks like a lake and we see a mirage.
mirage occurs at sea, as well as pictures of boats flying in the sky! This occurs when cold air lies near water, and warm it over him. distant ships, which are located outside the horizon can be seen because the light waves bounce off these items from the layer of warm air and we see ship in the sky!
famous mirage mirage in the world falls in Sicily over the Straits Messinskg. city of Messina is reflected in the sky and looks like a fairy tale castles that float in the air. term mirage comes from the Italian word Fata Morgana, per villa Morgan, evil magicians, who are believed to produce this phenomenon.

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