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How is the noise? | Physics

How is the noise? The sound vibration created objects

The sound vibration created objects. Vibration or blinking object is actually moving back and forth. But that would be flickering sense, what must happen in an environment, something which can transmit sound from the sound source to the receiver. These environments can be air, liquid or solid.
When the flicker of a very uniform, which means that the source of sound sends waves in exactly the same intervals, gets the tone. If the vibrations are unequal, the effect in our ear is not pleasant, and as a result generated noise. | Sounds vary in strength, height and tonal quality. Volume partly depends on the distance of sound sources, and partly on the amplitude of vibration of the sound source. amplitude of the flicker intensity data source to limit deviations sound monitors in their oscillations in the trends. If the amplitude is higher, the sound is louder.
pitch depends on the speed of flicker sources. The greater the number of vibrations per second, the sound is higher.
Even when two sound have the same height and strength, they can zvuńćiti differently. quality musical tone depends on the number and severity of higher tones there are in the sound. If a violin string vibrates along its entire length, will produce the deepest tone. This tone is called the tonic. If strings vibrating in multiple parts, you hear more sounds. They are mixed with primary colors and create a unique sound by which we know the violin. These notes are created tonal quality of sound.
noise can cause various ailments such as headaches, fatigue, heart disease, digestive problems, cancer and problems with sleep. Keep your ears from the noise, because you keep them.

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