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How to learn math and physics? Category mathematics and physics helps you in calculating, the procedure for calculating percentages, addition, multiplication, division, fractions to be calculated and all math operations.


How is the echo echo? | Physics

How is the echo (echo

When the present time to ask questions about something in nature, is expected to be exact scientific answer. And in ancient times people have imagined and retold throughout the legend to explain something. Legend that the ancient Greeks explained the echo - echo - very nice. The story went like this:
lived a beautiful nymph Echo, who had only one flaw - she talked too much. To punish is because, the goddess Hera forbade her to speak, except when she is approached, and then to only repeat what she heard. One day Echo saw Narcissus beautiful boys. immediately fell in love with him, but he did not return; her love.
Echo was all the sadder and sadder. Finally, the withered of grief , and since it has remained only a voice: and her voice that we hear when we hear the echo of our word. Of course, the sad echo of the legend does not explain or ejeku. To understand what creates a swing, you must know something about the sound. sound to outdoor ranges speed of about 360 meters per second. It moves in waves, like waves produced by a stone thrown into water. sound waves departing from the source in all directions, as well as electric light bulbs.
When a sound wave encounters an obstacle , he can bounce from it, or refuse, as they reflect light. When the sound wave declines in this way, can be heard as an echo. therefore rejected the echo sound is repeated.
However, arrives on the obstacle does not always echo sound. Some items are not deductible, but the sound it absorbs. That means no echo because the sound is back. Echo usually occurs in the smooth, regular surfaces such as walls, cliffs, or the roof of the house. Do you know that clouds refuse sound and that can cause a swing? In fact, when you hear the thunder boom, the echo of a strong burst, whose sound is reflected from the cloud.

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