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How to allocate colors in the rainbow? | Physics

How to allocate colors in the rainbow? We usually speak in the daylight it is white and call it white or solar light

We usually say that daylight is a white and call it white or solar light. This light, however, a mixture of all colors. When sunlight falls on the edge of the mirror or glass prisms to page, or on the surface of soap bubbles , in the light we see color.
When sunlight enters a drop of water, it decomposes in it as well when it drops on a glass prism. Thus, in the drop of water we see a variety of colors that go from its one end to another. One part of the colored light refuses to drop in and out of it again.
White light is broken down into different wavelengths, as we see them as red, orange, yellow, green, blue and the color purple.
These wavelengths produce a bundle of parallel stripes, each color gradually passes into the next. This is a link called spectrum. It is still red at the beginning, and blue and purple in the end. This arrangement is due different wavelengths of color.
rainbow colors are the colors of the spectrum. In fact, debt is a semicircular range of decomposition occurring sunlight.
light splash out from under a variety of angles, depending on color. And when look at these colors in the rainbow can be seen that they are so arranged that the red color on top and purple on the bottom of the rainbow spectrum.
Long can be seen only when it rains while the sun shines and when the observer is found between these two phenomena. Specifically, the observer must be between the sun and the rain drops and so to the sun is behind your back. Sun , observers eye and the center of the rainbow arch in a straight line.

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