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What is Judaism founded? | Religion

As established in Judaism? Judaism

Judaism - Judaism - is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions of the world. Its origins date back some 2000 years before Christ. Today is the worlds 15 million Jews, most of them live in North America and Asia. Notion of Judaism on the one hand, refers belonging to the people, the other belonging to the religion. Originally, the two are the same. Jewish faith has its roots in the story of the Israeli people. According to oral and written tradition, God chose the Jewish people made a covenant with him, God will protect the people, and he will live according to Gods law. | God brought the Jews from Egyptian bondage and brought into the land of Canaan - Palestine -. memory of these events is very important to the Jews.
foundation of the Jewish faith is the recognition one God, Yahweh, who created the world and all life on it. He wrote his will in their own law, the Torah.
Torah is the Jewish name for the Pentateuch of Moses, which begins the Old Testament. God gave the Torah to the people that they could live according to His will. It is, indeed, all world nations invited to serve him, but the Jews, was awarded a special responsibility to comply with the written Torah. central commandment in the Torah is the love of neighbor.
Jews believe that will appear at the end of time the Messiah of David, which will establish on earth the Kingdom of God - the kingdom of peace for Jews and the righteous of all nations.
Judaism knows no dogma like Christianity. Instead of the rabbinical schools for centuries discusses tradition documented in the Torah and Talmud. This discussion and interpretation of scripture unique to the Jewish theological thought.
are doing to create two streams. Orthodox Jews believe that the Torah, which is literally Gods revelation, God has revealed and The Talmud. Therefore, it immutable laws. On the other hand, Reformed Jews believe the Talmud only historical documents and some of its parts differ according to their religious validity.
Jewish religious life is marked by certain rules and rituals. In this include prayer, a visit to the synagogue - a Jewish place of worship - the laws of fasting, cleanliness and food, and celebration of Sabbath - a weekly day of rest, which can not dishonor the work of -. In addition, there are many holidays that are reminiscent of biblical events. Thus, Passover marks the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, the Sabbath reminds us of Gods law committed in the Sinai, and the Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot - Israels wandering in the wilderness.
greatest feast day of reconciliation, Yom Kippur. celebrated in September or October , to commemorate the day when Israel was in the old high priest loosed themselves and the people symbolically transferring their sins to the ram. This sacrificial lamb, loaded all the sins, then sent into the wilderness. people were thus freed from his guilt. Hebrew word Talmud means learning, training. The Talmud is a collection of rabbinical commentaries, interviews and learning about the Jewish interpretation of the laws of the Torah. At first he thought the oral Torah. In the time after the Babylonian destruction of the Jewish Temple - 70 BC. BC. - is written and until the end of the fifth century, is constantly expanding. However, the process of interpreting the Talmud continues in modern times the printed editions contain numerous additions. From the standpoint of traditional Judaism, the Talmud, as well as verbal learning, equally sacred as the Bible Christians are to Abraham
Abraham lived about 2000 years before Christ. It is not just the father of the Jewish people: the appearance of Jesus Christ became the spiritual father of Christianity. Islamic faith is a beginning also see Abraham
rules and customs Circumcision: male infants circumcised eight days after birth. Sabbath: the weekly day of rest lasts from sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday. It remembers how the Jews on the seventh day God rested on the creation of the world. Food: Jews eat only kosher food. This means that animals must be slaughtered according to certain rules. Growing up in the age of 13 years boys become adult members of the community. visit to the synagogue: On Saturday, Jews go to pray in a synagogue.

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