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How do Christians celebrate Easter? | Religion

How Christians celebrate Easter? Oldest and most important Christian holiday of Easter

The oldest and most important Christian holiday is Easter. Always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first summer of the first full moon. Easter holidays we celebrate Jesus resurrection. On Good Friday we remember his crucifixion, and two days later, on Easter Sunday, we celebrate his resurrection from the Dead.
Over the centuries have spread many Easter customs. Easter egg is one of the oldest equipment that the holiday season. After six-week of Lent, which used to be mandatory from Ash Wednesday to Easter, during which it was forbidden to eat meat, Dairy products and eggs, the Easter eggs I was in abundance - and should be eaten quickly.
From the 12th century, the eggs are included in the blessing of Easter food. In fact, the egg symbolized the emergence of life, and thus Christs resurrection. Meaning of staining was not blessed blessed distinguish eggs.
Lenten fasting was originally preceded by a week on the period is called carnival, carnival or carnival was a voluntary conversion evil opposite Ash. During carnival to come to light everything damn. why are people wearing scary masks. Such a custom was established from the beginning of the 13th century. However, it has its roots in pre-Christian times.
include the Easter and Palm Sunday - Sunday before Easter, which leads us to in Holy Week. Palm to remember Jesus entry into Jerusalem. In honor of the Jewish people gathered along the street and waved his palm branches, the Catholic community that day still celebrate the blessing of palm branches and processions.
Forty days after Easter The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Christs ascension into heaven. Ten days later, celebrating the day of Pentecost. It is the faithful recall the Holy Spirit, who is the tenth day after Jesus ascension into heaven, God of Apostles p. first Thursday after Easter Corpus Christi cycle, Catholics celebrate the introduction of the Eucharist, which continues the tradition of the Last Supper.
between Easter and Christmas, the lower the number of Catholic holidays, such as Midsummer - June 24 - which is celebrating John the Baptist, while redefining the Germanic celebration of summer solstice. following Assumption - Assumption of the Mother God in heaven - and in honor of the church as some churches and their parishioners. In thanksgiving harvest Christians thank God for the successful harvest. On 1 November to celebrate the feast of All Saints and All Souls Day November 2. They celebrate saints or dead .
popular is the feast of St. Martin. which according to legend, shared his cloak with a beggar. In memory of him Christians November 11 at St. Martins procession passing through the streets carrying torches and lanterns. In addition, in November to celebrate Day of penance and prayer, which stems from pre-Christian practices by which people on certain days of penance must be done to save the earth from evil. This is a custom in the medieval church.
northwestern Croatia often Easter bonfire fell, so. Vuzmenka. Fire prepare the faithful in front of churches that burned two carving stones. before the fire started, and so the fire to the so-called priest. leprosy that grows on trees and stumps or was ignited by two wood thus created the world or live fire. After Fire and blessings, the men burned a piece of wood and carrying the holy fire houses, and the rest to the faithful entered the church. Thus the sacred fire burning in the homes was present and I am God.
In some Croatian regions there is a custom washing on Holy Saturday - somewhere on Palm Sunday - flowers - violets often - and herbs. To go to the Easter morning Mass and on Holy Saturday vigil ceremony goes on. On Easter Sunday is traditionally eat ham, and housewives often baked bread and preparing other desserts. food before dining refers to church on Easter Mass where the priest blessing the faithful and then go home at lunch and the Easter celebration. Why does the Easter bunny brings eggs?
Since the beginning of the 19th century spread notion that Easter bunny brings the eggs. idea originates from the civil evangelical circles. Protestants were not fasted or carrying eggs to be blessed - those were the Catholic traditions. However, eggs are still gave it, but, in order to disguise the origin of Catholic tradition, hiding them. began to ask the question where are the eggs that people served are traditional paintings: old paintings on the Creation of God or rabbit symbol of fertility. In the medieval conception of it is a symbol of light, Christ, and the first resurrection.

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