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How to plant an olive tree? | Garden

How to plant an olive tree? Olive is purely Mediterranean plant that gives the best results in the Mediterranean basin, where the connection and 95% olive cultivation in the world

Olive is purely Mediterranean plant that gives the best results in the Mediterranean basin, where the connection and 95% olive cultivation in the world. Some olive varieties can withstand up to -18 C and are extremely resilient to temperature inactive, but in continental Croatia There are no technical conditions for cultivation, except in the form of ornamental gardens. highest quality planting was late autumn planting of the seedlings which achieves the best success. Fall planting is better than spring for several reasons. Firstly, the fall is the biggest and best selection of seedlings . Apart from the choice seedlings, planting a big advantage of this is in the biological reasons. root fruit trees, as opposed to aerial parts, grows all year if they are favorable moisture, temperature and nutrient availability. plants, which are planted in the fall, easily handled, because it uses the Autumn growth and form a large number of hairs korjenovih.
highest quality seedlings is the cheapest, price about 60 seedlings £. Seedling must be developed to a height of 120 cm and a height of 80 - 120 cm must be a minimum of three branches of 40 cm. If you have more, remove the excess and leave the three branches that are best deployed. Seedling must not be older than 1.5 years, and contain nematodes - Conveyancers viruses - pathogens and diseases. olive right seed if you get used to irrigation, we Then run each year. In return, we will take olives in full bearing, and up to 2 years earlier.
Planting olive trees is done by digging pits quality plant. It is desirable that the planting pits are dug at least one month before planting. Dimensions planting pit should be at least 60 cm deep and 80 - 100 cm width. Fertilizer should not be placed at the bottom of the planting pit. When the planting hole prepared for planting, a few days before planting, it should return 2/3 of the country. olive seedlings free of plastic bags or containers and placed in the planting hole. Some plants put fertilizer with low nitrogen content - eg NPK -. Then backfill with a little country and at the surface, approximately 20 cm, placed manure around the plants, but at least 15 - 20 cm away from it in the form of a ring. manure must never come into contact with the vessels because they burn the veins to isolate the country, and then add the manure. Regardless of the humidity of the country, after planting an olive tree to pour.
The optimum spacing was 6x6 m between seedlings olives. At this distance of olives has plenty of room for growth and remains closer to the ground. Any gap larger than the above is economically not feasible, and biologically less space is not good for plants. Olive is extremely heliofitna plant, which means that very ˝ ˝ loves the sun, the smaller intervals are fighting for the light and grow in height, which increases the risk that the wind fell trees.
Soil: Red or brown calcareous soils. Olive likes alkaline soil, slightly acidic to neutral - pH 7.5 -. Although not prone feroklorozi olives, with calcareous soil comes to iron deficiency. Olive is sensitive to high groundwater levels, which can be solved by drainage. Better prokorjenjavanje in brown calcareous soils, and root Olive penetrates to 50 cm.
˝ When selecting seedlings recommend Croatian autochthonous varieties, which provide an exceptional and enviable quality of oil! ˝

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