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As a child learn to swim? | Family

As a child learn to swim? Teach your child how to swim is really something special

Teach your child how to swim is really something special. Ideal for learning the sea, but if you do not have that option, well there will be a pool. In addition to patience, it is not forced into anything, but to convert all the fun and games.
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most important factor in children learning to swim teach them to feel comfortable in the water. I grajte full game to make you and It was fun and do not rush, give him time as he needs. If a child learns to enjoy the water, swimming skills will develop naturally to him. 01Primite child under the armpits and walk with him in the water to develop a sense of comfort and eliminate any fears while introduces a new aquatic environment. all the time and talk and smile, because he thereby shows that this new place fun and interesting. 02Pridržavajući it to your chest tell him to kick his feet in the water, that he could be very like it because it will spurt in all directions and this could make it fun. Also explain to him that he must use your hands to develop a sense of movement. For older children you can use the board and swimming to help him to be held above the water. 03Pušite bubbles in water as to get him to dive head under water. Teach him how to dive and hold their breath under water and that can not breathe when he plunged into the water. Try underwater games and so encourage him to free and open eyes under water. 04Objasnite his technique must run concurrently with the arms and legs while swimming - demonstrate it - and then some, and I try the same technique. While the attack with his feet and hands you hold it gently and gradually release him so he felt that I could hold water. 05Kada manage and understand that you just can not swim, you must still remove the fear. Begin the ramble, but a short distance. Tell him to swim toward you, and you can get away with it to keep the same distance so that it always felt safe Because it is near you. Keep it small distances, which increases with time. 06Uzmite devote time and gradually every step. Do not force the first day - the first step. second day, repeat the first step and try another. Begin each new step introduction to the old who have previously explained to him and learn.

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