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How to breastfeed? | Family

How to breastfeed? Since breastfeeding is not easy

Since breastfeeding is not easy. Breasts should gradually prepare for easily performing the functions they serve, and babies need to demonstrate how to use the sucking reflex. First few days many mothers is complicated and difficult. What is the reason why some give up breastfeeding in first week after birth. should not give up. breast size has no connection with the production of sufficient quantities of milk. Milk is produced in a deeply placed mammary gland, and not greasy, the surrounding tissue.
Before the milk begins to flow to pass three to five days. Do not think the colostrum milk is watery and bad, that child would be better to give him some of the substitutes. Colostrum must be watery because the water is most needed child and nothing can replaced. During these first days of the child should be regularly placed on the chest to get the colostrum vital for life and get used to it while you suck the breasts are soft. If a child is not the act of sucking who practiced, he will be your major, hard and swollen with milk breast to suck harder to do. nasty problems: engorged BREAST What stimulates milk production is the force of hormonal activity of the organism after birth. Rarely milk rushes through the night and breasts become larger, and the tightness of the increased flow of milk and blood. halos around the nipple spread, because the breast becomes hard, painful and hot. If this is done, it means that the breast full of milk. Kas are engorged breasts can be very painful. For a day or two will be re-established hormonal balance. If you have too much milk needed to express milk. Since child will not be able to catch a swollen areolu, breastfeeding will not be able to do the same. rinsing with warm water will soften the breast, then you should try expressing your milk. If no child is capable enough to take milk at intervals that are frequent enough to give you relief, certain relief will give you a cold compress or ice cubes wrapped cloth that you put on the chest. will help and just a sedative. sore Nenaviknutost child for breast feeding may be painful to do. Massage and rinse with cold water in a little late pregnancy will strengthen But now you have to limit breastfeeding to two minutes for each breast, prolonging it, just for a minute a day until the breasts are not used to the new task. A child should not rob power from the breast, and you should always make sure that the nursing nipples are dry. fractured Warts If you dread the breast sharp pain when the child is taken, and continue during breastfeeding, it is likely to have little cracks. cracked nipple to rest and to inform the doctor. will recommend a cream that you put on it to speed healing and prevent infection.
for healing will take longer than a day or two, but for the time a child should only breastfeeding the other breast. suffering from breastfeeding can gently try expressing your milk. HARD, painful node in breast can be shut up some of the tiny tubes that milk from mammary glands leads to warts. In this case the milk builds up in the clogged area and can not pass. Tough, small, painful nodule may be palpable. breast is necessary to continuously rinse in warm water and gently massage it before you begin breastfeeding. In order to achieve to deliver milk ducts need to be opened node and alleviate pain. Otherwise, contact the doctor on the same day. node may mean the beginning of an ulcer, but not usually clogged channel. Chest abscess They occur as a result of infections that penetrate through the chest does not cure broken warts. That part of the breast is red, hardened and painful to him bitch. You can feel bad and have a fever. In this case it is necessary to see a doctor the same day, but by that time you can continue without consequences breastfeeding inflamed breast. If the inflammation treated at an early stage - mostly antibiotics - during the entire duration of treatment will normally be able to breastfeed and, probably, you will feel less pain. If the inflammation goes unchecked, you will begin a long day of other breast feed my baby, and it can be very painful. pain after BREASTFEEDING AND sucking reflex secretion of oxytocin causes your babys sucking the blood and tears. It is a hormone that causes kontraakciju muscle fibers around the mammary glands pushing milk through milk kanale.TakońĎer causes contraction of the muscle belly, and some women may feel pain like cramps. pain disappears After two to three days. As a child sucking breast sucking reflex can cause squeezing the other. Tips child should be allowed to suck whenever she is hungry. first day will want to feed more than once - 10-12 times the day -. No matter how often you breastfeed, until you have a problem that is until your nipples do not become sore or cracked. must ensure that every child is discharged both breastfeeding cancer because they have to receive the maximum stimulation. If you leave something in the breast milk, izdojite it by hand. child will get all you need is sisalo when you need it. not offer him a bottle instead of the chest and if the recent nursing. will always find a bit because the breast will be slower to recharge if he deny it.
not offer the bottle at the same time as the breast, because the childs repeated requests, so you have gained the impression that the meal should be more abundant. express milk because their child does not like to suck in the beginning of its requirements may vary. It would be good to izdoji milk thats left chest. While the sap from breast milk, mammary gland creates new. For this reason, the cancer never end I can not iscjediti. You must stop at the moment when the milk stops flowing in the stream and begins to drip.

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