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LIVE Monkeys eggs and baby dinosaurs

Found a fossil snake devouring eggs and baby dinosaurs. It jezapanjujuće discovery of what is encountered once in a lifetime.

scientists found a fossil of 67 million godinastari snake wrapped around the dinosaur eggs and offspring. It prvapotvrda theory according to which they are feeding these snakes are extinct gmazovimakoji before tens of millions of years ruled the earth.
It the startling discovery of what is encountered once in a lifetime. GeologDhananjayMohabey from the Geological Survey of India unearthed the fossil before 26 godinau Dungri Dhola village in northwest India. Initially it was thought that the bones belong svepronađene cubs dinosaurs. However, 2001.paleontolog the University of Michigan Jeff Wilson was re pregledaofosile. His team discovered that they are actually the remains of a snake that seomotala about broken eggs and offspring, and two more cijelajaja.Novootkrivena snake named Sanajeh indicus was about 3.5 meters long. Titanosaurs pups was about 45 inches long. Titanosaurisu were the largest creatures that ever walked the earth, and odrasleživotinje are reaching a length of 30-odd metara.Za Unlike današnjihzmija S. indicus had dismountable joints that omogućilirazvlačenje her jaw to swallow large prey. But because the head and imalaveliku hull in order to feed the cubs dinosaurs. Nanjihovu luck Titanosaurs hatchlings had soft skeletons so suim the ribs when they rolled jele.Znanstvenici believe odrasletitanosaure the nest chased storms or floods, and the serpent jeiskoristila priliku.Kada the hatchlings start out from their eggs sukretnje attract the snake that coiled around the eggs and waited. ugozbi Hunter is apparently interrupted by landslides that buried residues and fosiliziralonjegove. |

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