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AIR CONDITION life, a life without oxygen

Has all the air condition of life? Three strange beings, and the shape debt tekmilimetar najsličnijameduzama, the first species on earth who ežive bezkisika life.

Three strange beings, only a millimeter long and form most similar to jellyfish, the first species on earth for his life does not need oxygen.
Were found in 3.5 kilometaradubokom bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 kilometers from Crete.
So far, only one species of the order received prozvanog Loriciferans ime.Danovaro called her Spinoloricus Cinzia, by his wife, while drugedvje, which has addressed the Rugiloricus and Pliciloricus only trebajudobiti formally named.
animals were found nakongotovo ten years of research submarine known poizrazito low levels of oxygen. Scientists previously knew the takvihdijelovima find the remains of animals, but mostly it was thought that sutamo species found boarded with oxygen richer currents.
This time the researchers found that animals are not only living podučju lated, but one of them just getting ready to reproduce.
Specifically, two of three animals were found living, and one of the successful njihse hatched in the oxygen-poor water prenešnoj the ship.
really a mystery how these animals live without oxygen. Dosadsmo thought that it could only bacteria.
Some scholars view that is not fixed on the sea, but searching the sky, however, argue that this finding could pomoćiznanstvenicima searching for extraterrestrial life forms, as it relates to is now clear that oxygen is not a necessary condition for razvojvišestaničnih organisms.

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