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ANIMAL VIDRA webbed feet

Otter is an animal whose adult to 90 cm long, and mogutežiti up to 5 kg. Imajuiznimno short claws, and webbed feet just to reach them poloviceprstiju

Asian dwarf najmanjavrsta otters are otters in the world and live in South and Southeast Azije.Odrasle specimen was 90 cm long and can weigh up to 5 kg. Imajuiznimno short claws, and webbed feet just to reach them poloviceprstiju. why are incredibly skilled with their front paws and loveplijen, instead of your mouth.
They live in family groups mogubrojati up to twelve individuals, and only the dominant pair razmnožava.Partneri remain together for life in harmony and mutual pomaganju.Mužjak often buying food for the females and calves, but both parents sebrinu for them and raise them.
Asian dwarf otters sudruštvene, love to play and a great view out of the water and in water and provodeviše time on land than other types of otters.

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