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pollution and fishing

Excessive fishing and marine pollution are the main reasons why biriba blue tuna could disappear forever from the waters of the Mediterranean as early as 2012

Save the blue tuna, says the actress Emilia Fox and GretaScacchi and director Terry Gilliam. They are keeping the rukamaugroženu blue tuna, posed naked for a poster in large part svjetskekampanje to save the fish in the worlds oceans.
The kampanjalansirana along with the documentary film The End of the Line. Filmredatelja Rupert Murray in a dramatic way to zbogprekomjernog warns overfishing in the next 40 or 50 years could disappear fish usvjetskim seas and oceans.
price is 150 euro pound blue tuna fish market in Tokyo. UJapanu blue tuna is considered a great delicacy
60 euro price is 100 grams of blue tuna in Japanese restaurants, štoznači that a kilogram is about 600 euros 40 euros
portion is blue tuna in the Japanese restaurant Nobu in Londonukoji is now under fire from celebrities such as Sting
film The End of the Line was recorded by the same name knjizibritanskog journalist Charles Clover, a former editor of Environmental ulondonskom Telegraph newspaper. film follows Clover ispituješefove that some well-known restaurants will you still continue to offer some of svomemeniju threatening endangered fish species such as tuna primjericeplave.
This extraordinary fish that can weigh up to 500kilograma target of fishing in the waters of the Mediterranean for more than 2000 years . However, while the blue tuna stocks once were so abundant that they could prehranitirimske legions, now on the verge of extinction.
Endangered Blue Tuna
Excessive fishing and marine pollution are the main reasons why biplava tuna could disappear forever from the waters of the Mediterranean, but by 2012, as envisaged by World Wide Fund for Nature - WWF in its report from 2007. year.
Blue Tuna, kojaslovi among the most delicious tuna, a special delicacy in Japan gdjestiže deep frozen. the Tokyo fish market reach and cost between 150 euros per kilo, while prices in restaurants serving a 100 gramaplave tuna is around 60 euros.
In japanskoglanca fancy restaurant Nobu in London Blue Tuna offers is priced at around 40 euros. Tajrestoran favorite among celebrities like Kate Moss and Brad Pitt, in recent years been subject to various campaigns aimed bioskinuti blue tuna with menus.
prestigious Nob targeted
Unlike some popular restaurants like Gordon Ramsay, Moshi Moshii Itsu, who eventually stopped offering dangerously vulnerable ribljuvrstu, Nobi stubbornly insists on blue fin tuna. But uznemirujućaporuka film The End of the Line has prompted many celebrities darestoranu Nobu threaten boycott continues to serve the blue tuna. ElleMacpherson, Sting and Trudie Styler and Charlize Theron are just some odcelebrityja seeking to remove the blue tuna Nobu with his menu.
But its not just blue tuna on the verge of extinction, but would idesetljeća coming years could become extinct many species of fish. In the film appears ikanadski scientist Dr. Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifaxukoji in 2006. in the journal Science published a final alarmantnustudiju.
- Continue to be over-fishing and pollution morasadašnjim pace over the next 50 years will come to the collapse of world ribljepopulacije - said Boris Worm. He was the leader međunarodnogtima scientists from 2002nd to 2006th year analyzed globalnetrendove in world fisheries.
- We all pulled oribolovu data for the period from 1950th to 2003rd year in 64 major morskaekosustava which gave 83 percent of contributions to global fisheries uproteklih 50 years - said Worm, stressing that his kolegeu explore these areas of fish, shellfish, crustaceans, crabs ibeskralježnjake therefore virtually all marine species as they ljudikonzumiraju.
Data analysis showed that the čovječanstvood 1950th to 2003rd lost 65 percent of the population riba.Istraživanja showed that in 2003. the 29 percent collapse of the Order information of any kind. the Worm this data was first analyzed in their laptopuokružen students who have been waiting for examination. When he received podatkeekstrapolirao to perceived future trends, he realized that 2048.godine come to the collapse of global fish populations.
- Uznemiriosam and said that It can not be true - said the worm is sasuradnicima repeatedly analyzed the data. However, the computer analizeuvijek throwing 2048th year as the collapse of world fisheries.
Worm, however, believes that there is not too late to reverse the situation : takodugo while biologically diverse marine systems, they can recover, provided to reduce fishing and pollution.

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