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Canine diseases of the nose and throat

From diseases that are common in winter in cats, which are usually psećebolesti suupale throat, inflammation of the conjunctiva, inflammation of the nose, a cough that can bitisuh without discharge or wet and productive

Our pets, especially dogs and cats, the snow must have posebantretman both in terms of diet and in the regime of walking out and going out. Stunt regards eating dogs staying in the yard, they should give zavrijeme winter foods rich in protein and fats in the body biim creating energy that is spent on heating tijela.Svakako do not forget dog frequently change the water in the bowl that sebrzo freezes and puts a lot of straw in the box where they sleep.
Kodpasa who are with you at home, they should be let out for a walk that sučešće but shorter. Husky dogs like, Malamute, Samoyed, Saint Bernard, etc. poovoj enjoy the cold and they do not need special treatment. posebantretman They should be in the summer. Short-haired dogs of small breeds especially suosjetljivi to cold, so they should wear coat when leaving the šetnju.Obavezno upon returning to wipe and wash the paws large koncentracijesoli who throws around the city.
of diseases that are zimiučestalije in dogs and cats are usually sore throat, sore očnihspojnica, sore nose, cough which may be dry or moist without discharge productive. Therefore vet will determine treatment. can get ido inflammation of other organs and especially so in winter the females have frequent bladder upalemokraćnog. in cats bladder infection is a problem more associated shormonalnim imbalance especially in old age If you are a bitch sterilizirane.Kod frequent infections including bladder recurrence owners know their pet cold. | Dog otežanomokri, sometimes painful urination with whining and get to know the appearance of blood urine. All have a serious situation where you do not need to wait bolestprođe itself but should immediately go to the clinic in order to access treatment and postaviladijagnoza. antibiotic therapy is usually uzpomoćnu vitamin therapy, but should not be forgotten that the appearance of blood umokraći may be due to other causes - poisoning, trauma, ilipijesak stones in the bladder or kidneys, piroplazmoza etc.
Dogs sunešto less susceptible to infections of the urinary bladder of bitches dužinemokraćnog because the channel is in the female shorter and wider so lakšeprodre inflammatory agent to the bladder and sometimes to the kidneys. It is essential that the Diet of so be sure to measure the pH of urine, which may not bitilužnat. If this is the case, then, should be given food or ćezakiseliti urine add to everyday food paste - Urolisyn, Uropet which will lower the pH to the acidic medium.
Sometimes većsamim paste without adding antibiotics prestaje.Takvim problem urinating dogs that are prone to diseases of the urogenital tract does nedavati food that we eat, but a special food with less protein and bezsoli. always give them fresh water, and sometimes catch the urine in the čistučašu urokomb with ribbons or make yourself at vets brzufizikalnu and chemical analysis of urine. It is very easy, and you can see the problem in time and prevent any serious problems. |

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